Mother’s Day self care gifts

Mother's Day selfcare

This year has flown by hasn’t it? I can’t believe Mother’s Day is this weekend! I am sure I should have got this list out to you guys last week since shipping is delayed this year but here I am none the less…

Vintage Rolling Cart

Vintage Rolling Cart

I am currently trying to figure out what to put here in the middle of this vintage rolling cart! The cart was given to me by my mother. I believe it was one of her many many many Canton First Monday finds. The rooster picture was actually the first thing Ryan and I bought for our home.

Vintage Suede Western coat

Vintage Western - Little Pink Texas

To date this is probably my favorite vintage find I have ever found (and I have found a lot)! I wish I lived somewhere were it was colder a lot of the year so I could wear it more often. Here in Houston..

Rustic Winter Wedding

Western Winter Wedding

From the get go Ryan & I knew we wanted a western winter wedding. I always wanted to get married in a small white church and Ryan loves tradition so picking Edgewood Heritage park only made since…

Piney woods engagement shoot

Engagement shoot

We took these back in the fall in East, TX behind my parents house. There is TONS of pine tree’s as you will see! I remember always seeing really pretty pictures of couples in the tree’s and always thinking they were out of state. A few years back my parents…

The 5 best tips for accepting your life as a single mom

Tips for Single Motherhood

When I was a single mother I often found comfort in reading other people’s stories and me (hopefully) giving them some good advice. I would also look online to find some ways of making the situation easier on me and my child. I have collected some tips of what was my hardest part of all of it, acceptance. In hopes to hopefully help you start to accept your new role as a single mother.

The 10 Best Products for Stress Relief

The 10 Best Products for Stress Relief – Little Pink Texas

Finding stress relief is not a one word answer and what may work for me, doesn’t work for the next person but we can all agree on that we have stress, right? Being more aware of stress helps us better care for family, friends and colleagues, as well as ourselves..

Muffin’s with mom at my daughters school!

Mommy & Me Target Outfit

Muffins with mom is a fun event that the school host at my daughter’s school. It is a free breakfast with the children to celebrate all the mothers out there! I really think it is a great idea and I have received a few very special gifts from my daughter at muffin’s with mom…

A cute work shift dress I picked up…

Work Shift Dress

The other day I was walking by and I saw this work dress! I loved the sleeves. Was unsure about how the style because typically dresses cut like this can be unflattering on my petite frame. However this dress had a tie in the middle which is always a plus. This was very cute and comfortable for the workplace.

Cinco De Mayo Shirts you need

I always enjoy reading the shirts that come out for Cinco De Mayo every year and I honestly am surprised at the originality and that people are so creative to come out with new ones every year….

Graduation dress win!

Graduation Dress

I was looking for something flowy, flattering, classy and for spring! It always seems like when I am looking for something, I can never find it but when I am not looking, I always find it. Is it just me?! I found this online and instantly knew that this dress would be flattering.