12 Must-haves for you wedding registry


I guess it is about time I share the things from our wedding registry. Part of me feels a little behind for just now posting about it but then again I wanted to use the items we got first. If had made this two months ago – the list might look a little different.

What if I told y’all when we first got engaged we were not going to do a registry? After talking to a few people (who know better) we decided to do one. I thought Ryan and I already have everything we need. We had already lived by ourselves for more than a few years if anything I was going to be getting rid of a lot things when we moved into together! But I was wrong, sort of. I did get rid of A LOT of things but we also needed some new things. Some of our stuff was just “beginner” things. You know the cheap kitchen stuff? I was going to be at home full time and cooking almost every night- I wanted the nice adult kitchen things! LOL

So I went ahead and added the #1 thing everyone needs to have, a Kitchenaid mixer. Then Ryan added his motorcycle handle bars he wanted! HA! But seriously! I compiled a list of the 12 things we use almost everyday if not weekly! Check them out below.

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12 MUST have things to put on your wedding registry

  1. The #1 thing you should be adding to your wedding registry is a KitchenAid Mixer. Hands down. It is something that will last FOREVER.
  2. Lodge Cast Iron set – my mom and sister swear by these. So Ryan & I added this set to our registry. We love them and use them almost every night. Plus it makes Ryan want to cook breakfast more so its a win in my book!
  3. When we started our registry list this Cuisinart Toaster was something I for sure wanted. Have you ever had a basic toaster? The one I had before never seemed to cook my bagel right but this one cooks it perfect!
  4. Our Instapot is something we use 5 nights a week! I love it because even if I forget to figure out what’s for dinner I can usually whip something up in this super quick!
  5. Amazon Fire Stick – something we use every single day. What we love about it vs. other streaming devices is the convenience of it. I would highly recommend!
  6. Butcher block – another things I use daily since I tend to cook dinner at home. I leave mine on the counter top so it also adds as decor.
  7. Nespresso – of course we use this everyday! If you have never had Nespresso coffee, you are missing out! A new coffee maker is something every new coffee lover should be adding to their wedding registry.
  8. Are you going on a honeymoon? Then you need some suitcases! We actually did not go on a honeymoon because the timing of our wedding and we were going to be moving the next month but when we do get around to traveling we will be ready to go!
  9. It is good to have a price mix of things on your registry. I think these sheets are a great option for a lower priced item. They might be lowered price but they sure do not feel like it!
  10. I think these wine glasses are amazing! They are cute and I always get a bunch of compliments on them.
  11. Wusthof Steak Knives – I love Wusthof knives. If you did not already know my mom cooks a bunch and she always had Wusthof knives and I feel like a good set of steak knives is something every new married couple needs.
  12. Ryan just told me today how much he likes our OXO Bakeware set He said they are the best he has ever cooked with and the easiest clean up! You can also find a smaller set, here.

Check out pictures from our wedding, here!

What was the one thing you use the most from your registry? Comment below to help other bride-to-be’s make their wedding registry!

8 thoughts on “12 Must-haves for you wedding registry”

  1. I am not dating anyone right now but having this information for the future is super helpful. I have some friends who will be getting married soon so its nice to see what might be the best option to pick off of their registry by your suggestions.

  2. Definitely saving this list for when my day comes. That Nespresso machine sounds like an absolute MUST for me haha. Thanks for all these shares girl!

  3. Ok, I am already married. But can I make an Anniversary Registry List and have all these on it lol This is such a great list! I need all these items in my life immediately! And you are so right, good sheets and suit cases are a must-have!

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