Anthropologie South Western Home Decor Finds


One of my favorite things to do is go to retailers and find things that can go with a western or southwestern style. Especially when you don’t think they could! I found these items below all at Anthropologie! I really loved these bookends & these tassel tiebacks.

What do I look for when searching for a western style?

Right now the big colors you are seeing is what I call the “burnts” like burnt orange, red, and brown (cognac). A lot of natural wood textiles and the biggest trend of all I see if black. Used to you would see a bunch of dark brown but black is everywhere, in the candle sticks, a black bed, black fan, black walls, even black cabinets. Adding hint of black in your south western style living space really gives it an edge and modernizes the space.

Also check out my Amazon South western finds.

What is your favorite western style trend?

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