Beach Accessories You Need for Your Next Beach Day

Must-have Beach Accessories You Need for Your Next Beach Day


If you follow me on social media you know we went to Galveston this past weekend for a quick getaway. It was super last minute and we probably packed in about 30 minutes! Thankfully the beach is only about 1 1/2 hours from us so a quick trip there does not require a lot of planning. We stayed in Galveston but took the Galveston Bolivar Ferry to Bolivar Peninsula where Crystal beach is. The ferry is free and is only about a 20 minute ride – you can also get out of your vehicle and go up to the observation deck. My dad says you can sometimes see dolphins when getting close to dock. I know the rumor is the Texas coast is blah. We weren’t expecting white sand and clear water but it did exceed our expectation of Texas Beaches. It was super clean! We really enjoyed Crystal because we could just drive on the beach. We did have to pay for a parking sticker but it was only $10 and is good till the end of the year. At times the tide would come up underneath the truck. So no more hauling everything out to the beach – it was all right there! Since we packed in such a hurry I realized we definitely needed to buy some beach supplies cause Ryan and I both agreed we would be back soon. So below you will find some of the things I bought for our next trip to the coast!

Beach packing list to remember for your next beach trip!

Some other beaches that have been recommended to us and we are wanting to try out are Jamaica and Surf Side and both of those you can drive on as well! What is your favorite Texas beach that we should try out?

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