The 10 Best Products for Stress Relief

The Best Products for Stress Relief

The Best Products for stress relief

Finding stress relief is not a one word answer and what may work for me, doesn’t work for the next person but we can all agree on that we have stress, right? Being more aware of stress helps us better care for family, friends and colleagues, as well as ourselves. In more recent times I feel people are more aware of stress and the effects it can have on ones body. Most of the time I feel we find ourselves in stress times because we do not practice self-care. For more information on self-care read my post, “The beginners guide to self-care”.

What is stress?

I believe we all can pretty much define what stress is but the actual definition is, “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation”. What if someone told you that stress can actually be beneficial and boost your memory? Stress produces the flight or fight response. So, when the right levels are reached you could be more productive.

Why does stress happen?

Stress happens when we face a challenge or a demand. For me stress happens when I am experiencing a lot of things happening all at once. As a mother, that is pretty often. So I have complied a list of products that I can use at home that seem to help me when I am stressed. Hopefully these help you too!

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The Best Products for Stress Relief
The BEST products for Stress Relief

Best stress relief products to Overcome stress

  1. My number one is this Heating pad. I think some of you might be like what? And some might be like, duh! But I did not discover how heat can be comforting until about a year ago and I LOVE IT. I also keep this small heater at my desk at work, Lasko Space Heater.
  2. This one is a given but a good candle is always comforting. I personally like the Bath and Body works Eucalyptus Spearmint for stress relief!
  3. Have you heard of weighted blankets? If not, now you have. Seriously amazing. Check it out, ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket.
  4. Foot Peel Mask – if you consider one of those people who like weird stuff like Dr. Pimple Popper; you more than likely will find this not only relaxing but also cool. The dead skin on your feet starts falling off 3-7 days after you do the mask!
  5. Back and Neck Massager – Another given but the thing I like about this one is it also has a heat option!
  6. These Gold Eye Masks…a little trick with these is to put them in the fridge before wearing them. They are good either way but this makes them feel so much better!
  7. Nothing new here but a hot cup of tea is always relaxing, Yogi Tea – Kava Stress Relief.
  8. Aromatherapy Diffuser – Lots of people have one these days but if you do not, this is a great one that’s easy on the pocket. I personally like ylang ylang and lavender essential oils.
  9. Himalayan Salt Lamp – Lamps in general tend to bring me some kind of calming effect but I really like the lighting this lamp sets off.
  10. Stressed and trying to got to sleep? Try this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray!

Common Questions About stress

  • What are common signs of stress?
    • Low Energy
    • Headache’s
    • Upset stomach and nausea
    • Chest pains and rapid heartbeat
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Aches, pains, and tense muscles
    • Loss of sexual desire and/or ability
    • Anxiety and agitation
    • Loneliness and isolation
  • What are causes of stress?
    • Major life changes
    • Being to busy
    • Divorce
    • Work or school
    • Death of a loved one
    • Children or family
  • How can we manage stress?
    • Indulge in physical activity
    • Get more sleep
    • Manage your time
    • Keep a stress diary
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine
    • Talk to someone

The Last Thing You Need to Know about stress

Ultimately I believe the way to deal with stress is to deal with it when it comes on. When we ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us, it eventually all comes out and normally not in a pretty way. So I wanna know! What do you do to relieve yourself from stress?

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