Vintage Suede Western coat

Vintage Western - Little Pink Texas

To date this is probably my favorite vintage find I have ever found (and I have found a lot)! I wish I lived somewhere were it was colder a lot of the year so I could wear it more often. Here in Houston..

A cute work shift dress I picked up…

Work Shift Dress

The other day I was walking by and I saw this work dress! I loved the sleeves. Was unsure about how the style because typically dresses cut like this can be unflattering on my petite frame. However this dress had a tie in the middle which is always a plus. This was very cute and comfortable for the workplace.

Graduation dress win!

Graduation Dress

I was looking for something flowy, flattering, classy and for spring! It always seems like when I am looking for something, I can never find it but when I am not looking, I always find it. Is it just me?! I found this online and instantly knew that this dress would be flattering.