Muffin’s with mom at my daughters school!

Muffins with mom is a fun event that the school host at my daughter’s school. It is a free breakfast with the children to celebrate all the mothers out there! I really think it is a great idea and I have received a few very special gifts from my daughter at muffin’s with mom. I always look forward to going to my daughter’s school because she is so excited. Seeing your kids face light up and want tos show you to all their friends and around their classroom is so adorable.

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I think it is of course amazing to recognize mothers for all that we do with muffins with mom. Especially the ones who are single and might not have someone doing something for them at home. As I mentioned above the school typically has the little ones for an arts and crafts for the mother. Does your child’s school do a muffin’s with mom for Mother’s day?

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  1. I just read your story on love what matters on Facebook .. it made me cry, but at the same time feel hopeful

    I s as m also a recent single mom to a Handsome 1 year old son, for the longest time after my breakups (yes they were two) I focused all my energy in gaining success, I promised myself that I will never think of a man again.

    When I read your story I couldn’t help but break down and cry, I think I grieved it was the first time I ever let me self do that. And I realize that I do deep inside want love again, I don’t want to be a parent alone.

    Please share with me on how you were able to move on? How you were able to learn to give love another shot.

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