Pastel Cardigans & Dr. Pepper shakes

Are you even a Texan if you haven’t tried the new Dr. Pepper shake at Whataburger? I mean really?! Ryan is OBSESSED with Dr. pepper & Whataburger so this past weekend we went after church. Have y’all tried it yet? I love this pastel cardigan I wore to run our errands after church, its vibrant and cute. The earrings I got also made the colors “pop” in the cardi because they matched.

But okay, how was the shake? It was amazing. Literally. I am not even a huge Dr. pepper fan and it was really good! Next I might try a Dr. Pepper float because Ryan claims floats are better with Dr. Pepper than Root Beer! I will keep y’all updated on that.

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The common rival is Dr. Pepper vs. Coke and Whataburger vs. In and out, which ones are your go to’s?

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